Programme Overview - Focus North

Programme Overview

The Programme is a road map, focusing those involved on the common goal of sustainability for the future. Using this, those involved can coordinate their activities and communicate between each other, stakeholders and anyone that has an interest in the subject it focuses on.

The schedule for each project is collated onto the CNSRP Programme Dashboard that brings together all the timescale information into one document.

What is needed to be done.

Timescale on when, and how this will be achieved.

When and from where funding is required.

Who is involved and who is in charge.

What the economic impact is likely to be.

These are the activities that deliver jobs over and above any identified in the Infrastructure projects (see below).  They can be public sector or private sector driven.

The outcome is identical to Major Projects (above), but they are at a much earlier stage of the project lifecycle and are  prior to any significant financial commitment.

  1. Infrastructure – These activities/projects can deliver jobs in their own right merely by virtue of being there and being utilised well.
  2. Skills – Essential support activities that will generally deliver few jobs
  3. Connectivity – physical and electronic, essential to modern day businesses survival.  They generally deliver few sustainable jobs.

Support – There are four key support areas that the programme requires to be successful, i.e.:

  1. Inward Investment – activity to attract new business into the area not covered by other CNSRP tasks.
  2. Market Intelligence – activity providing supply chain intelligence/analysis, skills analysis, etc to ensure CNSRP remains focused on the best job creation projects.
  3. Funding coordination – Coordination of CNSRP partner funding activities in support of CNSRP projects, related activities and all others that should reasonably be coordinated by CNSRP.  Including assistance in obtaining those grants originating from other areas of the UK and Scottish Governments.
  4. Supply Chain Development – maximising the benefit from the Major Projects and Opportunities to the local supply chain and/or attracting other companies to relocate into the area.
    These all need to be run in a structured manner and report regularly to give confidence in a successful outcome.  Therefore a project reporting and analysis process will be undertaken to measure progress.

The graphic illustrates how the Focus North Programme fits together. Clicking on the relevant section allows access to the scope and additional details of each of the projects. Click here to see the poster version.